Analysis of packaging materials 2016-9-2

        Packaging materials are used in the manufacture of packaging containers, packaging, packaging and printing, packaging and transportation to meet the packaging requirements the use of materials, which include the main packaging materials, metal plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, Takemoto, wild mushroom, natural fiber, chemical fiber, composite materials, coatings, adhesives and, banding, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary materials.

        The biological compatibility of packaging materials refers to the ability of the host response and material response appropriate in application specific in the interaction of materials and organisms is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is the material response, which in the materials, including the degradation of bio environmental corrosion, material degradation, wear and even the destruction of nature.

         Generally speaking, biological compatibility is the interaction between blood and dialysis membrane or adsorbent. When the reaction is mild, the patient can tolerate, this material is called biological compatibility. At present, the acute hemodynamic instability caused by dialysis membrane is not stable, and the application of membrane, such as blood like membrane, which has good biocompatibility, is obviously reduced. Biological compatibility refers to all materials, equipment or system does not cause clinical reaction to the host, namely no thrombosis, non-toxic, no allergic or inflammatory reaction and damage blood cells as small complement activation. Biological compatibility is the reaction and tolerance of the body's immune system. The result showed that the animal body made of stainless steel wire stent has good biocompatibility and no change of vascular wall inflammatory necrosis after stent implantation, material toxicity and biocompatibility evaluation of new materials is another problem that must be considered, biocompatibility is refers to between the material and human body produced by the interaction of biological, physical and all kinds of complicated chemical reaction, and the reaction of these human tolerance.

Testing product:
Packaging materials: paper packaging paper, paper bag, paper honeycomb desiccant packaging paper, paperboard, kraft paper industrial cardboard, paper honeycomb core;
Plastic packing material: PP packing belt, PET packing belt, tear film, sealing tape, heat shrinkable film, plastic film, hollow plate;
Composite soft packing material: soft packaging, film, core wire, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminum plating paper, composite film, composite paper,
Ceramic packaging materials: ceramic bottles, ceramic pot, ceramic pot, ceramic jar;
Glass packaging materials: glass bottles, glass jar, glass box, glass paper;
Wood packaging materials: wood products and artificial wood plate (such as plywood, fiberboard) made of packaging, such as wooden box, wooden box, wooden, plywood, fiberboard boxes, plywood boxes and wooden pallets;
Other packaging materials / accessories:
Bronzing materials: bronzing materials, laser film, aluminum foil paper, bronzing film, printing film, hot stamping foil, foil, foil;
Adhesive, coating adhesive, glue, adhesives, reinforcing agent, starch adhesive, sealing glue, latex, adhesive resin,
; Auxiliary materials: packing machine, mold, glove cap gasket, gasket handle, nozzle, sealing cover, packing film.


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