Die manufacturing cost control from these aspects!! 2016-9-1

        To ensure the mold cost, cost control is proportional to the quality and delivery time, mold quality disposable do, little modification, shorten delivery, so the manufacturing cost is low, profit is high, the market orders process will have a unique competitive advantage. Conversely, the enterprise not only has no advantage, but also will not make money or even lose money. Therefore, the mold manufacturing cost, in the production management control link is very important, can begin from the following several aspects:

1, effective management:
         Product data management, process data management, documents management: effective product data management, process data management, documents management, can ensure a comprehensive document, consistent version of the drawings; drawings can achieve effective sharing and use of effective inquiry. We can establish a file management computer database integrity, the design department accumulated design drawings, scattered, previously scattered, isolated information together by the prevention of design files, 2D, 3D, the original design change, chaos, chaos, 3D version maintenance model and 2D drawings of inconsistent data, 2D design drawings the irregular and confusion caused by the problem is not easy to be found and corrected in time, resulting in mold to modify and rework, even invalid, increase the cost of mold manufacturing, mold manufacturing cycle lengthened, effect of delivery.

2, keep the mold drawings:
        The consistency and integrity of the data in the process and in kind: to ensure the consistency and integrity of the die drawing, processing technology and the data of the object by effective, careful and strict testing means.

3, each mold design:
         The manufacturing cost must be timely summary: through sharing printing parts processing workshop download or effective control, effective management tool scrapped; through processing mould parts mold structure design, accurate efficient and accurate detection of spare parts, will effectively reduce the additional cost caused by the change of mould, maintenance, practical in order to obtain the cost of each mold, and plan the cost of real-time comparison, so as to effectively control the quality of the mold.

4, overall planning:
        The project planning, design, processing, production, equipment, human resources and other information organically, together co-ordination in order to effectively coordinate the planning and production, which can ensure the quality and timely delivery of the mold.

5, to develop a complete set of practical mold production management system:
        A complete set of management system for mold manufacturing, mold production and management processes to achieve product data management, process data management, project management, schedule management of computer information management system, including mould production planning, mold design, process design, workshop task assignment, the real-time progress bar code, submit parts product inspection, warehouse management. Make the mould manufacturing and related auxiliary information from planning, manufacturing process control to the completion of delivery can achieve real-time tracking and management of the full range of.

6, visible knowledge and intangible knowledge management:
        The establishment of mold design, manufacturing failure mode and effect analysis of the library, through the specialized training, meetings, announcements, computer sharing, plus award, penalty means, the next time to prevent the same problem. At the same time can be used as a reference for the quality evaluation and design. Refining the experience in the management of the company's head and forming a written specification, not because of the person in charge of a department or post staff to leave people affected the normal operation and quality fluctuations.

7, the establishment of processing technology:
        The establishment of processing preparation, summary schedule of mold parts, parts list and standard parts list, self-made parts list and standard parts list, bill of materials, heat treatment schedule, a list of wearing parts and tooling costs made, to ensure that relevant resources can be in place in time. According to the production plan management, schedule management, to ensure that the equipment can be effectively used to prevent workers idle, so that the various aspects of manufacturing can be connected.

8, the formation of the quality of the implementation of culture:
        To analyze and summarize the various departments, various processes of self inspection, special inspection, inspection, inspection, the formation of quality standards. Strictly regulate the detection means to eliminate the "almost" of luck, to ensure that the mold processing precision of the parts. Effective control of the quality of the mold, according to the upper and lower track process records effectively the quality of the specific relationship to the individual. Can strengthen the design, the operator's sense of responsibility.

9, according to the company, and the customer's situation:
        The development of mold design and mold design standard instructions, suitable for the company and customers; mold manufacturing standards, mold manufacturing work instruction, standard mold design and mold manufacturing; prevention because of personal habits, old modes of thinking create the system does not meet the customer requirements of the mold.

10, standardize the procurement, warehouse and production orders:
         Materials out of storage, tool damage, delivery management, rationalize the supply chain, to prevent the production line.

11, the establishment of a full range of assessment system:
        With accurate, original, real data to accurately assess each employee, regular training and assessment of relevant mold design, mold manufacturing personnel, found that the training of the company's elite team.

12, regulate the functions of each position, so that people do their job, to prevent more personnel than work available.

13, the establishment of mold project follow-up management team:
        The communication bridge between customers and supervision - market - Engineering - Procurement - Manufacturing - quality - - - injection - warehouse personnel and finance departments, detailed business and technical communication, comprehensive and detailed understanding of customer requirements and mould technology, records, summarize the content of communication and accurately convey to each department, to avoid repeated and many times, mold testing, modification, rework, so as to save cost and time. For each customer to gradually establish customer business and technical information knowledge base, in the company share, in order to improve customer service level, reduce the error. Follow up and supervise the production schedule of the mould project, arrange the trial mode, follow up the progress of the relevant materials, sample inspection and confirmation, sample delivery, and arrange the mold shipment.

14, ISO grading system:
         Customer, supplier, negotiation grade classification; according to the difficulty of dividing the whole mold mold mold parts according to the grade coefficient, the difficulty of process manufacturing division level; design and manufacturing personnel rank, only this "seats", in order to fundamentally solve the "bottleneck" of the supply chain, from the source to the manufacturing error, abandon the "mess" stop, the performance appraisal of the "halo effect" and the narrow "I see OK, promotion, can give him a pay rise." the rule of man, fuzzy word management culture.

15, solve the problem of information island:
         The management of modern enterprise management is the enterprise standard and information management, it is Chinese the next 50 years or even 100 years of the "iron law", information technology has penetrated into people's daily life, it can not only solve the manufacturing departments and process information and cannot process, plan layer and control layer and operation layer next, sharing, and can solve the enterprise management, high speed shared governance.


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