Subversion of the popularity of traditional injection molding robots 2016-9-1

        Deputy managing director of Chinese plastics processing industry association long Cao Jian said, "as one of the injection molding process molding plastics industry is the most representative, has become an important technology for the rapid development of China's modern manufacturing industry support". The injection molding machine is gradually moving towards full automation, and the traditional injection molding is gradually being turned over.

        Vertical injection molding machine is one of the largest amount of applications in machine types as the world producers of China, is the main export Chinese presses. However, for a long time, China's injection molding machine occupation has a serious import and export profit deficit, the main reason is the lack of the skills of the injection molding machine itself. With the accelerating process of active China domestic, trust injection molding machine soon to the foreign occupation China quite high levels of skills and support and skills upgrading, closely follow the pace of the world. The first part is improved from the skill level, from non active or semi-active injection molding machine is gradually moving towards full automation, but also very soon, I believe that soon it will be now this policy.

        ใ€€The subversion of the traditional injection molding injection molding robot popularity very soon

        Vertical injection molding machine is one of the current types of plastic machinery in Chinese presses out the fastest, and the level of developed countries from the smaller. But mainly refers to ordinary type injection molding machine, in the large, special, special, fine injection molding machine of the majority of types, some commodity is still blank, which is the first distance with the industrial developed countries.

        From 50s to the introduction of the technical innovation of screw type plastic injection molding machine has been more than 50 years ago, the previous history. Currently in the engineering plastics industry, 80% of the injection molding. These years because of the automobile, construction, household appliances, food, medicine and other industries on the increasing demand for injection molding products, and promote the development and progress of the level of injection molding skills. China plastic machinery sales in 2000 7 billion yuan to remember at the mercy of units of about 85 thousand units, which is about 40% of injection molding machine. From the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Canada and other primary production countries, the output value of injection molding machine is added every year, the largest proportion of plastic machinery.

        These years, China's injection molding machine career has been developed by leaps and bounds, the production of injection molding machine products have been satisfied with the domestic market demand, the export ratio is increasing year by year. But from the skill level, China's injection molding machine goods all skills level is not high, and foreign injection molding machine products still exist certain distance, the industry needs to be upgraded.

        With the rapid development of injection molding machine skills and technology, the demand for their own initiative to the extent of the plant has become increasingly high. Professional experts expect the injection robot to get all over the. And the mechanical arm will make an important contribution to the completion of the injection molding machine career.

        Traditional injection is being subversive

        Chinese plastics processing industry association through the "plastic industry" 13th Five-Year "development planning guidance" pointed out that "13th Five-Year" is a new historical period of innovation and development of the plastic industry, the main task is to optimize the development of the industrial structure, change the mode of development, promote industrial upgrading, from big to strong, prominent by the fast change. The challenge of the transition from the traditional injection to the intelligent injection molding industry.

        Qian Guijing said that to achieve this transformation, the need for the entire industry to achieve a breakthrough in the following two aspects. One is focused on the capture of precision injection molding, micro injection molding, micro molding problem. At present, our country is still a large gap in the injection molding industry requirements of forming precision, shape and position tolerances, surface quality, precision molding speed and intelligent injection, on the equipment of the servo motor, the transmission mechanism comprises a transmission screw, the slider and the rack in the manufacturing precision and the overall accuracy can not meet the needs of intelligent injection molding still, need to rely on imports.

        In the low pressure injection molding and micro foam molding process and other aspects of the need to actively explore. The two is the control system, including machine control precision and mold system on-line monitoring system, as well as stand-alone intelligent control, including product inspection identification system and intelligent injection requirements there are still not a small gap. Qian Guijing hope that the injection molding industry in the industry 4 and the Chinese manufacturing 2025 guidelines, adhere to the integration of technological innovation and design innovation, and comprehensively promote the development of the industry innovation.


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