Application and access to food safety management system certificate 2012-5-23

Qualification certification:

About ISO22000:

        With the development of economic globalization, the improvement of social civilization, people pay more and more attention to the issue of food safety requirements; the organization of production, operation and the supply of food, you have the ability to control food safety hazards and the impact of food safety certificate. Customer expectation, social responsibility, so that food production, operations and supply organization gradually realized, there should be a standard to guide the operation, security, evaluation of food safety management, the standard call, the ISO22000:2005 food safety management system requirements for standard production.

        ISO22000:2005 standard is not only to describe the food safety management system requirements of the use of guidance standards, but also for food production, operation and supply of organization certification and registration basis.

        ISO22000:2005 expresses the general requirements of food safety management, but not the specific requirements of any kind of organization in food chain. The standard is applicable to all organizations that want to establish a guarantee system of food safety in the food chain, regardless of their size, type and the products they provide. It is suitable for the production of agricultural products, animal feed manufacturers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. It is also applicable to food related equipment suppliers, logistics suppliers, packaging materials suppliers, agricultural chemicals and food additives suppliers, food service providers and restaurants.

        ISO22000:2005 uses the ISO9000 standard architecture, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, hazard analysis and critical control point) as the principle method is applied to the whole system; the hazard analysis as the core to achieve food security plan, and the international Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), the characteristics of the product developed by the preparatory steps in the intended use, flow chart, process steps and measures to control and communication as the hazard analysis and updated input;At the same time, the combination of HACCP plan and its premise condition premise scheme is dynamic and balanced. This standard can be integrated with other management standards, such as quality management system standards and environmental management system standards, etc..


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