Application and access to quality management system certification 2011-7-17

Qualification certification:

About ISO9001:

        ISO9001 quality management system certification standards, enterprises through certification can demonstrate its ability to consistently meet customer requirements and the applicable laws and regulations, effective operation of the system so that enterprises can continue to improve, to obtain better benefits.

        Enterprises to obtain ISO9001 certification, which means that the enterprise has been in management, practical work, supplier and distributor relations and products, markets, after-sales service and so on all aspects of the establishment of a complete set of quality management system. Good quality management, help enterprises to improve efficiency, reduce costs, provide quality products and services, enhance customer satisfaction.

        Along with the commodity economy and growing internationalization, in order to improve the reputation of the products, reduce duplication of inspection, to weaken and eliminate technical barriers to trade, maintain the producers, distribution, user and consumer rights and interests of all parties, the third party certification from production and marketing of interest of economy of both teams, notary, science.

        The means of international trade competition are mainly price competition and quality competition. As a result of the low cost of sales is not only a sharp decline in profits, if the composition of dumping, but also by trade sanctions, so the price competition means more and more undesirable. Since 70s, quality competition has become the main means of international trade competition, many countries to improve the quality requirements of imported goods as an important measure to limit the trade protectionism. The implementation of ISO9000 international standardization of quality management, can steadily improve product quality, so that enterprises in the product quality competition in an invincible position forever.

        In accordance with international economic cooperation and technical exchanges, the two sides must have a common language, a unified understanding of the quality of products (including services), and a unified understanding of norms, to carry out cooperation and exchanges. ISO9000 quality system certification is just to provide such a trust, is conducive to the rapid agreement between the two sides.


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