Apply for and obtain the national industrial products production license 2010-12-9

Qualification certification:

About QS:

System introduction

        According to the People's Republic of China State Council Decree No. 440th of the "Regulations" of People's Republic of China industrial products production license management, the state of human health and personal and property safety, financial security and communication quality and safety, labor safety, production safety and public safety and other important industrial products production license system. The catalogue of industrial products under the system of production license shall be promulgated by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and supervision to the public. At present, the products of the system of production license can be logged on to the website of AQSIQ industrial products production license. Products that have not obtained the production license for industrial products and are not allowed to produce, sell or use in business activities shall not be produced, sold or used in accordance with the regulations.

Functional responsibilities

        According to the different products, the national industrial products production license certification and national quality inspection administration of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision certification, in addition to using different, certificate format, exactly the same utility. Commissioned by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau is responsible for handling the industrial products production license certification application, acceptance of industrial products production license name, industrial products production license replacement certificate, production license of industrial products (change of production conditions, testing methods, technology or technology), acceptance and review of certified enterprises the annual report, acceptance of certified enterprises due to the replacement application, for processing implementation of the production permit system management products. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau is also responsible for the investigation and handling of undocumented production and other industrial products production license violations.


        Industrial product production license mark by the "enterprise product production license" Pinyin Shengchanxuke Qiyechanpin abbreviation "QS" and "production license" Chinese characters. Mark the main color is blue, the letter "Q" and "production license" four Chinese characters are blue, the letter "S" is white. Logo design, size and color requirements are as follows, QS logo printed on their own (posted). Can be enlarged or reduced in accordance with the provisions.

Legal responsibility

        The State Council Decree No. 440th of the "Regulations" of People's Republic of China industrial products production license management provisions of article forty-seventh: "obtained the production license of the enterprise is not in accordance with the regulations on the packaging or instructions marked on the product, production permit mark and number, ordered deadline for correction; overdue correction, illegal production, sales value of the products 30% of the fine; the illegal gains, confiscate the illegal income; if the circumstances are serious, revoke the production license."


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