Quality policy:
       Customer satisfaction and expectation is the unswerving pursuit of quality of decro.
       Advanced technology, scientific management and excellent service is the guarantee for the quality of the product.
        Product safety and environmental protection is the social responsibility of the German crown.
Our aim:
        The spirit of people-oriented, quality first, excellence in business philosophy.
        Realistic and innovative, science and technology industry, to build the brand.
        The pursuit of customer satisfaction is our success.
        Truly to honor, in order to quality first, in order to actually serve the sincere service.
Our idea:
       Spirit of the German crown: unity, hard work, enterprising, innovation.
       Deguan values: with sincere heart, letter to the people, people-oriented, and sharing weal and woe.
       Deguan Core competence: first-class technology and equipment, first-class talent and management, first-class quality and service.
       Deguan Business philosophy: people-oriented, quality first, excellence.
       Deguan goal: to science and technology, striving for international brands.

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